2019 celebrates the first Bahia World Music Festival in Puerto Vallarta to be held on December 7 and 8. Early December is a great time for a visit to the super popular beach town of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Before the official high season begins, one can still cash in on low airfares and hotel rates and escape the cold that begins to creep in during northern winters.

Puerto Vallarta has been chosen by Conde Nast readers as one of the best cities in the world. The town boasts of a gorgeous bay surrounded by lush mountains, best described as a vibrant colonial town, open-minded culture with an artistic bent, with perfect weather, and friendly locals. (Puertovallarta.net).

The festival will be held at a magnificent location where the beautiful River Cuale meets Banderas Bay, Oscar’s Tequila Distillery. Local music enthusiasts have put together a marvelous lineup of musicians from the coast and all over the country to thrill you with their fabulous music. Representing the cutting edge of traditionally based music from France, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Cuba, the Mediterranean shores, and Latin America these talented groups thrill their audiences wherever they play.

The festival will be spread over two days allowing you time to enjoy the beach and other activities and dedicate your afternoons and evenings to incredible music, food and spirits. Beginning at 5:00 each day with a competition among talented local youths who are studying music it will lead into performances by four extraordinary bands per night, each with its own sound. The music will last until 11:30 at night and be followed by a spirited jam session on closing night. Reserve your tickets now as this will be a spectacular and well attended